Monday, June 1, 2009

Perth Wheelcats

Hello all,

This past month has been one of the most hectic and exciting that I have had in recent times. I have sorted in a new direction in my life, made some good friends and caught up with some others I hadn't seen in a while.

I recently finished with work, and applied to go to uni. When I was in upper school I had my eyes set on being a High School Sports Teacher, mostly because of my love of sport and figured why not get paid to be in an industry I enjoy. Unfortunately after high school I needed a job, and through a friend I got into the glass industry which then turned into an apprenticeship. 5 years of early morning, back breaking work is over.

To gain entry to uni I had to sit a STAT test, or mature aged entry test. Or alternatively I had to have a Cert. 4 in a tertiary course. Unfortunately my apprenticeship only gave me a Cert. 3. So I sat the STAT test early on a Saturday morning, and I was well prepared as I had sat a prep course earlier that week so that i gave myself as much chance for success as possible. The course contained 1 part multi choice of 70 questions and 1 part essay writing where you had to write 2 essays in 1 hour. After 4 hours of brain exhausting testing I emerged from testing room feeling confident in parts of the test but unsure of other parts.

Straight after the test I headed up to Herb Graham to watch my favourite womens team play, the Western Stars. They had 4 games that weekend and I was only able to catch two of them. I was able to see the Grand Final rematch of Hills Hornets v Western Stars, where our girls reigned victorious. It is a great achievement for the girls as Hills are packed with players, and the Stars being a little undermanned pulled through with a great win in what was a close game. I was also able to watch the Stars take on the Dandenong Rangers, Stars had an easy win and wrapped up what turned out to be a great weekend. I am also lucky enough to travel with the Stars on their next road trip to Dandenong, I am really looking forward to it as I will be able to get more game experience and learn more from Australian Gliders Coach John T. My only hope is that the girls look after me.....

Later that night I went to play what turned out to be my last State League game, I'm not sure how long or if at all I will ever pull the shoes back on, as I am quite happy doing what I am doing now with the Perth Wheelcats.

Before I go on with my extensive schpeil on the Perth Wheelcats, I will quickly get back on track with my uni endeavours. So I sat the test and not sure how I felt about the result, which we would find out in 5 weeks time, around the same time uni applications were due. So I thought about it for a couple of days and applied for an 8 weeks course at the Institute of Fitness to get a Cert 4. in fitness. This would get me into uni, only down turn was that it was a little expensive and once joined up to the course could not pull out. So once the fees were payed and I was set to go, I recieved a letter from uni conratulating me on my acceptance to uni. So now I am unneccisarily sitting a course to become a Personal Trainer, as I got into uni by passing the STAT test. However I will use the qualification to work whilst I am at uni. I start the Personal Trainer course at the start of June and then begin uni at the start of August.

I have just recently returned from Dandenong where I assisted the Perth Wheelcats on their opening campaign for season 2009. It is a big year for the Cats as they chase down the record breaking 4 consecutive NWBL title. The Cats got off to a great season start by winning their first 2 games against the Dandenong Rangers. We beat the Rangers in game 1 91-72 in what was a well fought out game, Justin E had 22 points and Shaun N had 28, but what was impressive was the combined low pointer points of 18 between our new British Import Abdi J and female sensation Clare B. Game 2 saw the Cats win 99-68, where Shaun N ended up with a cool 47 points and Justin E had an impressive triple double. An impressive effort from all players, going all out in the final game of the weekend to stamp our authority early in the season. It was a great trip and a great experience, except for the annoying passenger behind me on the return trip *cough* Clare *cough*. Jokes....

The Cats play their first home game against the Wollongong Roller Hawks at Herb Graham on the 6th of June at 7pm. It will be a well awaited Grand Final rematch and what will turn out to be a great game. Hopefully I will see you at the Cage then..

In Hoops,


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